Words of Good Cheer, Mostly

By Eliezer Sobel on December, 10, 2011 in The 99th Monkey

Dear Reader, At this very moment, I am taking up your valuable and precious, limited time within this transitory, earthly existence. You could stop reading right now, Read More



“shootin’ the blues away” was the subject line. The email was from D., a new acquaintance I met at an art opening a few months ago, a 70+ writer guy with Parkinson’s.  His tremors had been calmed considerably by a brain  implant, and I don’t think I would have even noticed anything amiss if he hadn’t told me.


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Are You A Real Writer?

Writers learn early on that there are actually many people out there, incomprehensible as it may seem, who simply do not enjoy reading our work. (We probably wouldn’t be very close friends with these Neanderthals, if we met them.) We try not to take it personally, but most of us do. Some random, sub-human casually mentions in passing that, in their grossly distorted and useless opinion, our written expressions fall short of Tolstoy’s, and instantly both our writings and our entire lives seem completely worthless to us. Obviously, that gives way too much power to readers. But often true, nonetheless.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE 

40th Anniversary of The “est” Training

Forty years after the inception of “est,” one of the original intensive consciousness seminars that launched the Human Potential Movement of the 70s, its graduates are reuniting at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on December 17th. Read More

I just read such a depressing book that it would make just about anyone need an antidepressant if it wasn’t for the fact that the book itself debunks the entire psychopharmacological industry in such a convincing way that it would be maddening if it weren’t so saddening. Read More

Self-Caregiver Burnout

By Eliezer Sobel on July 16, 2011 in The 99th Monkey
In the infant days of the New Age movement in the United States, it was often said about relationships that, “In order to truly love someone else, you have to love yourself first.” I tried that, but found that I needed to have an open relationship with myself, so if things didn’t work out I’d be free to see other people. Read More

I Go To Pieces

The foot guy at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York told me I had no cartilage in my big toes, and I only had two choices: surgery to fuse the bones, or be in pain when I walk. The surgery requires ten weeks recovery time per toe, most of it lying down. Read More